Store is now Live!

Wh1t3Rose Community Store is now Live!

Store is now Live! Click Donate at the top of the page

Perks for donating:

1. Reserved Slot Access to all of our servers, get in the server even when it's full!
2. Custom Donater/Supporter Tag!
3. Custom Title/Chat Colors!
4. Custom Timer interface per player! (ask me about this!)
5. Access to vote mute, gag, and map extend
6. Excliusive Access to Donator/Support Section in Discord!
7. AFK Kicker immunity
8. Ability to use custom name / chat colors in-game
9. More coming soon!

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Note: if you run into any issues or need help contact me on Discord: Wh1t3Rose#9603. Store may still contain bugs.


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