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Staff Changes of the Month (Jan-March)

Staff Changes of the Month (Jan-March)
I wanted to do this at the start of the month but my surprise hospital visit derailed my plans. But I'd like to make a post welcoming Our new Staff as well as saying goodbye to any staff leaving us.

With that out of the way, here are the changes for Jan-March.

New Staff:
Benowy - Jan 26/Surf Admin
drc - Feb 3rd/Surf Mod
Awizz - Mar 3rd/Surf Mod
Pastta Mous - Mar 3rd/Surf Mod
Halix - Mar 6th/Surf Mod

Sage - Feb 3rd - Mar 16th/Surf Mod. - Thank you for serving our community Sage.

Also all retired staff (with good standing) will continue to have a reseved slot access for the server.

Thank you to the new guys for helping keep the Surf Server fun and toxic free.

I am looking for Mods for the Arena Server. If you are interested, complete an Admin/Mod application!


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