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Staff Changes & New things!


Community Manager
Community Manager
Jan 26, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia
Staff Changes
Here are some quick changes that have happened this past week.

Benowy was promoted to Head-Admin.

Merlin has now retired.

Sage has now retired.

New Things
A new website is being developed by our team, to improve functions for admins and to have better navigation for the store and ban appeals.

The new and improved store is out now!!! If you enjoy our community and want to show it off, think about purchasing one of our packages.

Introductions are coming in, so if you want to know some basic things about people in our community go check it out.

Major strides are being made in terms of growth for admins, all admins will soon go through a thorough evaluation for improvement.

Thank you for your time, -Froz3nFlake

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