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Some Statistics: 243% Growth Rate & More!


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Jan 21, 2019
ATlanta, GA
I thought I would post some statistics for you guys! This is just for those of you who are interested in how long we have been running and the overall progression of things!

Total Unique Players: 2800+
Server Rank: 798/20K (96th percentile). We are in the top 4% baby!
Avg Growth: Rank 19479th to 800 in less then a month! This is a 243% increase!
Avg Server Downtime: <0.02%
T1-2 Maps added:

I want to say thank you for everyone that has played on our server and continue to come back! You guys are what keeps me going. You coming back to the server, shows me that you enjoy playing here and that keeps me going!

To everyone that has donated: Thank you so much! Every little bit helps and allows me to contine to add additional features and custom plugins to the server. You guys helped fund the new custom proprietary timer that is in development for us right now!

To my admins: Thank you! You guys keep the overall atmosphere fun and chill for everyone. You guys really make things easier for me.

I plan on updating this every few months or when I feel that a significant changed has happened. Thanks again everyone!


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