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Server Store Now Live!: Chat Colors, Trails, Auras and more!

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Jan 21, 2019
ATlanta, GA
Our Server Store is now live!

You get access to Chat tags, Name Colors, Trails, Auras, Pets, and more! Here is a breakdown of the store for you!

Active Players generate 1 credit for each minute playing. Don't think you can sit idle. You won't generate credits if you are idle :p.

This means that after playing just one round you everyone should be able to buy a chat tag and after 2 rounds a Name Color/Msg Color!

Chat Stuff

  • Tags
    • Donor Tags (requires VIP. Click Donate at the top for more info.)
    • Standard Tags (15 - 300 credits)
  • Name Colors (60 credits)
  • Msg Colors (60 credits)
  • Pets (500 - 1000 credits)
  • Auras (300 credits)
  • Tracers (80) - type !guns to pick a gun
  • Lasersight (120) - Only works on Awp and Scout. type !guns to pick a gun
  • Hats (200 - 300)
  • Masks (100-200)Trails (300)

If you come across any bugs with the store please feel free to post a bug report in the Bugs section of the forum.

I will be adding a way for players to purchase credits on the website that is immediately active on the server soon. Stay Tuned!

Note: Also if you haven't already I suggest you hit the 🔨 icon in the #welcome section of our discord so that you get notifications when Server updates/announcements are posted!
Not open for further replies.

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