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RoseTimer 1.0 Release! - No More Ramp glitches & More!

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Jan 21, 2019
ATlanta, GA
RoseTimer 1.0 Release!
No More Ramp glitches!

Timer release has been postponed in favor of more testing. Will re-release soon!

I am proud to announce our new custom timer: RoseTimer 1.0! This is a timer that will continue to receive updates and changes in the future. See below for the list of features / changes!

- 99% of ramp glitches fixed!
- Added points for the following:
- Stages/CPs: First time completion = 25 points. Will print to chat.
- Stages/CPs: Record times = 100 points. Will print to chat.
- Add percentile system: Now when you complete a map it will print to chat you percentile rating for that map. For example if there are 100 records on that map and you get rank 20, you are in the 80th precentile, thus 80%. Think of it like SAT scores! Another example: If there are 5,000 records and you get rank 150, you are in the 99th percentile!
- !maptop fixed so it actually shows you information after selecting a style
- Cleaned up Timer UI.
- Added !tagtog command to toggle rank tag / VIP / Admin tag.
- Change WR to SR in the Timer UI and chat messages. - coming tomorrow
- Scoreboard character limit increased to fit rank names! - coming soon
- Major Replay Bot code fixes - coming soon!
- !imp: command to show how many points / ranks you have gone up (or down) in a given time period (EG. Day, 3 day, week, month) - coming soon!

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