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Jan 21, 2019
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Calculating player points:
(Map rank percentage * 200) + (extra points * 2) + (finished bonuses * 150) + Ranks 1-20 get extra points per map.

Extra points:
Gives players x extra points for improving their time.
Gives the player this amount of extra points for finishing a map for the first time.

To achieve ranks, you need to achieve a certain set threshold of points. Point requirement for these ranks are calculated as: Percentage * MaxPointsFromMaps
MaxPointsFromMaps = Map Count * 700 + (Bonus Stage Count * 150)

For an example, when a player reaches over 0.22% of the maximum amount of points available on the server, he achieves rank SEMIPRO.

Our current ranks (percentile) (updated 7/3/19):
  • Unranked (0p)
  • AMATEUR (0.005)
  • ☆Amature (0.01)
  • Advanced (0.018)
  • ☆Advanced (0.03)
  • Skilled (0.05)
  • ☆Skilled (0.08)
  • ☆Buttery (0.12)
  • EXPERT (0.17)
  • ♞Veteran (0.23)
  • Elite (0.29)
  • ♛ Elite (0.36)
  • Master (0.41)
  • ♛Master (0.46)
  • ♛Legendary (0.50)
The Surf Timer checks on map start the mapcycle and calculates a dynamic point factor (dpf). This dpf is based on the maximum possible points for all maps in the mapcycle, for example, if you are #1 on each map. This value is the basic for everything. Rank/level points, points for your map rank, map completiton (%), etc. are depending on this value. The multiplier is a vestige of the old rank calculation but still used. Your multiplier increases when you improve, points for your map rank are differently calculated.
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