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Accepted Mrs.KoalaBear Admin Application

koalabear (Banned)

Server Admin
Apr 2, 2019
  • Hi, I'm Mrs.KoalaBear,,, commonly known as "Koala" : )
  • I'm 17 years old
  • https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrskoalabear/
  • I think I play on the server for about 35+ hours a week,,, I don't sleep much or sleep at random times,,, so I generally just stay on the server and try to get better : P
  • I mostly play on the WhiteRoses Surf Server Teirs (1-3)
  • I would commit as many hours necessary,,, and I'm willing to learn anything that I can to help this server.
What do you believe your role as an administrator includes? What kind of responsibilities?
  • I think the roles of an admin is to keep the server running smooth and keeping the toxicity and bs levels down. This includes helping people, warning people if they're disrupting others experiences on the server,,,
Why do you want to become an administrator?
  • I want to become an admin because I am always on the server and I want to make sure everything in this server goin smooth,,,
Why should I choose you for an admin position?
  • I am always on the server surfing and socializing with the people so I'm on a lot, so I can regulate the servers and make sure people are enjoying their experience and everything that's supposed to happen,,, happens,,, plus when shit needs to be done shit needs to be done, buddy boy
Anything else you would like to share that might be relevant to your application?
  • I'll probs be on the server every day tbh so idk if that helps


New member
Apr 11, 2019
United States
a few interesting points i'd like to comment on from experience in-game with this individual -- non-biased due to not having a friendship with this individual as a majority does within the server

activity in the server is definitely an ideal goal that any administration would seek for another staff member, and i do see "koalabear" in the server quite frequently throughout the day when i'm taking a look at the servers
- however, i'd like to point out, that regardless of activity, i'm reflecting on some of the other points made in this admin application that are a bit contradictory when there's no other admin on in the server and this user is using voice communications; there's a major difference in personalities, or at least, maturity levels when rose is on the servers in comparison to when he's not
- as previously stated, as an average surfer that goes into rose's server throughout the day to surf a bit and is looking forward to the progression of this community, i can't help but view the point you've made ".... and make sure people are enjoying their experience..." as one i've yet to fully acquire from the interactions with you

furthermore, *explanation: i'd like to see you essentially "clean up" whilst you're free roaming and other admins are not available in the server -- meaning, present the same professionalism as you're outlining here, in-game, when other staff isn't present as you do whilst staff is present. this is in direct reflection of my personal experience being in-game while you're mocking other users with your friends, talking about getting drunk and being underage, discussions of performing sexual actions on people and ex-relationships, being openly and presenting cloying vulgarity on the microphone, attempting to form or have others believe this wild persona of unbridled hedonism

the specific reasons i bring these to the front is in light of the newcomer, the person that isn't visiting a surf server to hear such commentary from staff. it reflects poorly on the community, and what i believe what rose is attempting to build with a level of maturity, some form of pillar surf server that would be reputable; if i'm seeking such commentary from staff, i'd join in one of the many utopia communities or gofree servers - most certainly we're able to mute, or set voice_enable 0, however, that shouldn't be a requirement or necessary option when we're talking about a possible staff member. for these reasons, among others, one of the biggest surf communities in the past (opium gaming/newb surf) was brought down due to inner conflicts of such reasonings as i've stated, and this shouldn't be another one of them if it gets to that point

good luck with the application and if approved, i hope you'll note some of the points made for future referencing


Staff member
Jan 21, 2019
ATlanta, GA
Accepted (Moderator)
Welcome to our community! We are glad to accept you as our new moderator.
We feel that you will provide a healthy addition to your team and are looking forward to seeing what you bring to our community.
Please contact me for your permissions and a breakdown for your role.
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