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Apr 12, 2019
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the current server location is decently ideal for the owner, but it's not entirely ideal for the overall demographic of united states, since we're aimed at US based players being in the US. we're more pointed towards central, and east-coast players exclusively, as that's the demographic areas we're going to appear up on for lower latency (top of a users server browser); however, we're alienating the entire far west-central, and west coastal regions of the US due to routing issues, and generally higher-latency for those users which won't initially see the rose servers due to such limitations

in the past, i've ran a server in the direct center of the US, which had users from far west, to far east show up in the server and populate the community on a regular basis -- this is why i'd personally recommend we redirect this server to a central based location, such as texas, which will result in not limiting our community outreach for all players, with just a few that'll have the ideal latency. in reality, this is a surf server and the netcode of csgo's infrastructure is not similar to that of counter-strike 1.6, it's not necessary to obtain 15-30MS in such an environment (even upwards of 100ms+ is fine for auto bhop/surf maps)

from what i understand, the server has a tad bit of better hardware than censored's central location, but that shouldn't be the primary factor for such limitations

tags: add in surf_beginner, lowercase the T's on Tiers, add in knife;ws next to the !knife!ws, add rank, stats, lowercase the "S" on Surf


surf_me: it's a neat map, but it isn't really necessary; change this server to the rose developmental server! copy&paste all the current modifications to this server, privatize it, and give access to the staff/VIP members, et cetera to populate it at times to test out developmental features. doing active development on an active server isn't all that ideal because it's impeding on the regulars -- doing map changes, server restarts, rank resets, time resets, and all else isn't too ideal when there's a small regular surf base that's trying to be built up on, merely a suggestion but i think it's one that's necessary

thoughts? issues?
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Jan 21, 2019
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There is a reason I have it where it is. A few actually.

1. It actually isn't ideal for me. I am in Atlanta, If I wanted it ideal for me I would not have moved the server out of Atlanta a few weeks ago to Chicago.

2. The reason I moved the server was because of Network performance. The Chicago network is their most "premuim" location. Without giving the name of our host way to the public I will just provide a chart

As you can see the Texas location, while being more centralized, has no where near the capacity of our current location. That is why we have it where it is. It's better to have our database/website there as well and I want these servers in the same location for now until we possible expand in the future

- Wh1t3


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