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    Server Update 7-4 (Map Pack #8)

    Happy 4th of July guys! I have added more maps for you all. Here's what added: New Maps: surf_4head_csgo surf_cancer surf_crzyfrog_reloaded_echo surf_duggywuggy surf_egypt2 surf_elites_v2_fix surf_garden_go surf_gleam surf_juturna surf_lament_n2p surf_zealand Total Maps Easy Surf: 112 Total...
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    Server Update 6-30

    Added map surf_ivory (T2 L 3CP 2B) Added a bonus to surf_aircontrol_ksf_rose Some more DB optimizations. Site Updates: Added a new customized theme. Feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you like this one better or if we should go back to the old one!
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    Server Update 6-24 (75+ Exploited Records Removal!)

    This update consists mostly of time removals. Sunday I discovered about 75 or so exploited times from 2 specific players. Majority were map record times as well. The 2 players exploiting the timer. have been perma banned. I am currently investigating the exploit and working on a patch. Most of...
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    Server Update 6-23

    Just a couple of back-end stuff for this update. All Servers reboot automatically at 0500 every day. There is a warning sent to all players 5 minutes and 1 minute before reboot occurs. Some Server/Db optimizations.
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    Server Update 6-21

    Added some things to the Arena server in preparation for this weekend's competition! Added a new challenge plugin to the Arena Server. !chal or !challenge in chat and select a player to put in an arena with them the next round! Added a new Leaderboard/stats page for the Arena Server: Click...
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    Server Update 6-9 (Minor Patch)

    Just a couple small map fixes for you guys. surf_olympics rezoned properly Fixed end zone for surf_palm
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    Server Update 6-7 (Map Pack #6)

    Another late night / eary morning update for you guys! Maps have been added to the appropriate servers based on Tier. New Maps: (Thank you @Raii^n for zoning tonight's maps) surf_rooftopsv2 (T1 8S 0B) surf_life_of_duck (T1 5S 0B) surf_reytx (T1 7S 2B) surf_wood (T1 L 3CP 1B) surf_lessons (T2...
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    Site Update 6-5

    Some changes have been made to the site. Below is a rough list of changes in the past few days Website: Added a bot to post anything from the Announcements forum to the announcement discord channel as it is posted. To receive Discord notifications for server/site updates visit the #welcome...
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    Server Update 6-5 (Map Pack #5)

    Just a mini update for you guys as I have to head to bed early tonight. Maps have been added to the appropriate servers, surf_wood (T2 L 1B) surf_life_of_a_duck (T1 5S) surf_palm (T2 L 2B) Also please see our new community rules in the nav bar above! -WhiteRose
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    Server Update 5-28 (Map Pack #3)

    New maps have been added! Several had to be manually zoned by me so let me know if there are any issues! surf_flow surf_sandtrap surf_sandtrap2 surf_oma surf_nebula surf_beverages surf_calzone surf_physics surf_rookie2
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    RoseTimer 1.0 Release! - No More Ramp glitches & More!

    RoseTimer 1.0 Release! No More Ramp glitches! Timer release has been postponed in favor of more testing. Will re-release soon! I am proud to announce our new custom timer: RoseTimer 1.0! This is a timer that will continue to receive updates and changes in the future. See below for the list of...
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    Server 5-12 - Map Tier Changes / Player Rank adjustments!

    New Map Additions: surf_aether_csgo - Set to Tier 2. Added 3 Checkpoints. No Bonuses. surf_dragon - Set to Tier 2-L. Added 3 Checkpoints. 1 Bonus. surf_summer Set to Tier 2-S. 11 Stages. 0 Bonus. Maps Removed: surf_beginner_hell - Tier 4 Wil be added...
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    Server Update 5-4

    Maps Fixes: Added checkpoints to the following maps: surf_andromeda - All checkpoint times have been reset to reflect the new checkpoints surf_summit surf_satellite_fix surf_amplitude_light Thank you to callister and gil for creating these zones for me!
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    Site/Server Update 4-29

    Just a small bug fix update for you guys. Spent most of my time setting up the new Surf T3-T6 Server today. Stay tuned! Site: Fixed an issue with URL redirection that broke Discord sign-in into the forum. Server: Fixed Tier on surf_andromedia so players would receive points.
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    Server Update - 4-27 / Map Pack #3

    Earlly morning update for you guys! New maps! surf_andromeda surf_delight_go surf_progress surf_progress_go surf_summit Bed time zzzzz
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    Server Update - 4-21 (Map Edition!)

    This was technically done yesterday but whatever... There were a few minor changes made to the server but for the most part this is just a Map update. Maps: surf_classics surf_glass9 surf_lavaflow surf_classics3 surf_coralis_ksf surf_derpis_ksf surf_glass9 surf_graphia surf_grassland...
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    Server Update 4-17 - Max Velocity & QOL Fixes!

    More fixes for you guys! I feel like the server is coming along nicely now! More maps will be added soon I promise! Easy Surf Server: Map Fixes: Raised Prespeed to 400 for all maps! This required a manual override in the database. Fixed surf_aircontrol not giving points on map completion...
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    Big Server Changes! 4-12

    I am going to clean this up later. But for now this is everything that has changed in the last few days. And BOY is it a lot! Reverted Timer back to ckSurf! I also implemented a PROPER Ranking system! Yes finally! Explanation coming in another post! (See Server Updates Forum!) Add an anti-mic...