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    Server Update 6-30

    Added map surf_ivory (T2 L 3CP 2B) Added a bonus to surf_aircontrol_ksf_rose Some more DB optimizations. Site Updates: Added a new customized theme. Feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you like this one better or if we should go back to the old one!
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    Server Update 6-24 (75+ Exploited Records Removal!)

    This update consists mostly of time removals. Sunday I discovered about 75 or so exploited times from 2 specific players. Majority were map record times as well. The 2 players exploiting the timer. have been perma banned. I am currently investigating the exploit and working on a patch. Most of...
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    Server Update 6-23

    Just a couple of back-end stuff for this update. All Servers reboot automatically at 0500 every day. There is a warning sent to all players 5 minutes and 1 minute before reboot occurs. Some Server/Db optimizations.
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    Server Update 6-21

    Added some things to the Arena server in preparation for this weekend's competition! Added a new challenge plugin to the Arena Server. !chal or !challenge in chat and select a player to put in an arena with them the next round! Added a new Leaderboard/stats page for the Arena Server: Click...
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    Server Update 6-9 (Minor Patch)

    Just a couple small map fixes for you guys. surf_olympics rezoned properly Fixed end zone for surf_palm
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    Server Update 6-7 (Map Pack #6)

    Another late night / eary morning update for you guys! Maps have been added to the appropriate servers based on Tier. New Maps: (Thank you @Raii^n for zoning tonight's maps) surf_rooftopsv2 (T1 8S 0B) surf_life_of_duck (T1 5S 0B) surf_reytx (T1 7S 2B) surf_wood (T1 L 3CP 1B) surf_lessons (T2...
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    Server Update 6-5 (Map Pack #5)

    Just a mini update for you guys as I have to head to bed early tonight. Maps have been added to the appropriate servers, surf_wood (T2 L 1B) surf_life_of_a_duck (T1 5S) surf_palm (T2 L 2B) Also please see our new community rules in the nav bar above! -WhiteRose
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    New Server: Tier 1 Beginner Surf

    New Server: Tier 1 Beginner Surf There is an new server online for everyone to play on! This has been highly requested by many people for a while now!. This make server number 3 for our community with more to come! WhiteRose Tier 1 Beginner surf : You can join the server...
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    Server Update 5-28 (Map Pack #3)

    New maps have been added! Several had to be manually zoned by me so let me know if there are any issues! surf_flow surf_sandtrap surf_sandtrap2 surf_oma surf_nebula surf_beverages surf_calzone surf_physics surf_rookie2
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    New Server: Advanced Surf Tier 3-6

    New Server: Advanced Surf Tier 3-6 There is an new server online for everyone to play on! This has been highly requested by many people for a while now!. This make server number 2 for our community with more to come! WhiteRose Advanced Surf Tier 3-6 : You can join the...
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    Some Statistics: 243% Growth Rate & More!

    I thought I would post some statistics for you guys! This is just for those of you who are interested in how long we have been running and the overall progression of things! Total Unique Players: 2800+ Server Rank: 798/20K (96th percentile). We are in the top 4% baby! Avg Growth: Rank 19479th...
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    Server 5-12 - Map Tier Changes / Player Rank adjustments!

    New Map Additions: surf_aether_csgo - Set to Tier 2. Added 3 Checkpoints. No Bonuses. surf_dragon - Set to Tier 2-L. Added 3 Checkpoints. 1 Bonus. surf_summer Set to Tier 2-S. 11 Stages. 0 Bonus. Maps Removed: surf_beginner_hell - Tier 4 Wil be added...
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    Server Update 5-4

    Maps Fixes: Added checkpoints to the following maps: surf_andromeda - All checkpoint times have been reset to reflect the new checkpoints surf_summit surf_satellite_fix surf_amplitude_light Thank you to callister and gil for creating these zones for me!
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    Site/Server Update 4-29

    Just a small bug fix update for you guys. Spent most of my time setting up the new Surf T3-T6 Server today. Stay tuned! Site: Fixed an issue with URL redirection that broke Discord sign-in into the forum. Server: Fixed Tier on surf_andromedia so players would receive points.
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    New Surf Server Coming Soon! Tier 3-6! 102Tick! Maps Galore!

    Hey guys I am currently working on a new surf server! It will have ~250 maps! Obviously this is gonna take some time! But I hope to have it done by next Sunday! Stay tuned! Also all ranks will sync across our 2 Surf Servers so no matter which server you play on your points go to your current...
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    Server Update - 4-21 (Map Edition!)

    This was technically done yesterday but whatever... There were a few minor changes made to the server but for the most part this is just a Map update. Maps: surf_classics surf_glass9 surf_lavaflow surf_classics3 surf_coralis_ksf surf_derpis_ksf surf_glass9 surf_graphia surf_grassland...
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    Server Update 4-17 - Max Velocity & QOL Fixes!

    More fixes for you guys! I feel like the server is coming along nicely now! More maps will be added soon I promise! Easy Surf Server: Map Fixes: Raised Prespeed to 400 for all maps! This required a manual override in the database. Fixed surf_aircontrol not giving points on map completion...
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    Server Update 4-16 - 102 Tick, Timer Reset & More!

    Here are the changes for the last couple of days: Easy Surf Server: Went back to 102 tick. This a permanent change. Timer was reset. All times deleted. Removed surf_beginner_hell - Map is just too hard for an Easy Surf server and players leave when this map is voted. If and when I setup an...
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    Big Server Changes! 4-12

    I am going to clean this up later. But for now this is everything that has changed in the last few days. And BOY is it a lot! Reverted Timer back to ckSurf! I also implemented a PROPER Ranking system! Yes finally! Explanation coming in another post! (See Server Updates Forum!) Add an anti-mic...