1. WhiteRose

    Server Update 6-10 (Map Pack #7)

    Another Map Pack for you guys! Maps have been added to the appropriate servers based on Tier. New Maps: surf_deathstar_fix (T1 6S 0B) surf_deoa (T1 8S 0B) surf_gekyume_circumcision (T1 3S 1B) surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ (T1 L 0B) surf_pantheon (T1 L 3CP 3B) surf_not_so_sinister (T2 5S 1B)...
  2. WhiteRose

    Server Update 6-2 (Map Pack #4)

    New maps have been added! Tier 1: surf_akai_final_fix surf_autism surf_aweles surf_calycate_ksf surf_calycate2 surf_cancer surf_colum_2 surf_colum_up surf_corner
  3. WhiteRose

    Server Update 5-4

    Maps Fixes: Added checkpoints to the following maps: surf_andromeda - All checkpoint times have been reset to reflect the new checkpoints surf_summit surf_satellite_fix surf_amplitude_light Thank you to callister and gil for creating these zones for me!
  4. WhiteRose

    New Surf Server Coming Soon! Tier 3-6! 102Tick! Maps Galore!

    Hey guys I am currently working on a new surf server! It will have ~250 maps! Obviously this is gonna take some time! But I hope to have it done by next Sunday! Stay tuned! Also all ranks will sync across our 2 Surf Servers so no matter which server you play on your points go to your current...
  5. WhiteRose

    Server Update - 4-21 (Map Edition!)

    This was technically done yesterday but whatever... There were a few minor changes made to the server but for the most part this is just a Map update. Maps: surf_classics surf_glass9 surf_lavaflow surf_classics3 surf_coralis_ksf surf_derpis_ksf surf_glass9 surf_graphia surf_grassland...
  6. JiggleTwit

    Map suggestions

    surf_dragon T2 surf_tempest T3 surf_tempest2 T3 surf_rainbow T2 surf_sunnyhappylove T2 surf_sundown T2 surf_coralis T3 surf_island T3 surf_Ny_platinum_b5 T2 surf_classics T2 surf_classics3 T2 surf_happylands T2 - couldn't find surf_heaven_njv T2 - This is T3. surf_The_gloaming_v2 T1 -...
  7. WhiteRose

    Explanation for no updates in past month

    For those of you that don't know I was in the hospital for the past 2,5 weeks. I had Appendicitis. I came home last Thursday but I am still recovering. I won't be 100% for another few weeks. But I can get back into server work! I am going to make another post for this but We now have a new...