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    New Revamped Timer! - Percentage ranks, New Bot Code, & More!

    New Revamped Timer! Percentage ranks, New Bot Code, & More! New Features: Optimized Bot code. No more broken Bots! Ranking system revamped! Percentage based ranks! See here for info! Each stage has time records. If you telehop between stages you can NOT get stage records. This promotes...
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    Server Update 6-30

    Added map surf_ivory (T2 L 3CP 2B) Added a bonus to surf_aircontrol_ksf_rose Some more DB optimizations. Site Updates: Added a new customized theme. Feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you like this one better or if we should go back to the old one!
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    Server Update 6-2 (Map Pack #4)

    New maps have been added! Tier 1: surf_akai_final_fix surf_autism surf_aweles surf_calycate_ksf surf_calycate2 surf_cancer surf_colum_2 surf_colum_up surf_corner
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    New Server: Advanced Surf Tier 3-6

    New Server: Advanced Surf Tier 3-6 There is an new server online for everyone to play on! This has been highly requested by many people for a while now!. This make server number 2 for our community with more to come! WhiteRose Advanced Surf Tier 3-6 : You can join the...
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    Some Statistics: 243% Growth Rate & More!

    I thought I would post some statistics for you guys! This is just for those of you who are interested in how long we have been running and the overall progression of things! Total Unique Players: 2800+ Server Rank: 798/20K (96th percentile). We are in the top 4% baby! Avg Growth: Rank 19479th...
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    Server 5-12 - Map Tier Changes / Player Rank adjustments!

    New Map Additions: surf_aether_csgo - Set to Tier 2. Added 3 Checkpoints. No Bonuses. surf_dragon - Set to Tier 2-L. Added 3 Checkpoints. 1 Bonus. surf_summer Set to Tier 2-S. 11 Stages. 0 Bonus. Maps Removed: surf_beginner_hell - Tier 4 Wil be added...
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    Server Update 5-6 / Knife&Gun Drop

    Maps Fixes: All linear maps have checkpoints now! surf_andromeda - Removed glitched times and patched the teleport at the start Server Cvar changes : Enabled knife and gun drop using your standard drop weapon keybind Fixed bug where public triggers (Ex. !r) were printed to chat.
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    Server Update 5-4

    Maps Fixes: Added checkpoints to the following maps: surf_andromeda - All checkpoint times have been reset to reflect the new checkpoints surf_summit surf_satellite_fix surf_amplitude_light Thank you to callister and gil for creating these zones for me!
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    Site/Server Update 4-29

    Just a small bug fix update for you guys. Spent most of my time setting up the new Surf T3-T6 Server today. Stay tuned! Site: Fixed an issue with URL redirection that broke Discord sign-in into the forum. Server: Fixed Tier on surf_andromedia so players would receive points.
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    New Surf Server Coming Soon! Tier 3-6! 102Tick! Maps Galore!

    Hey guys I am currently working on a new surf server! It will have ~250 maps! Obviously this is gonna take some time! But I hope to have it done by next Sunday! Stay tuned! Also all ranks will sync across our 2 Surf Servers so no matter which server you play on your points go to your current...
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    Server Update - 4-27 / Map Pack #3

    Earlly morning update for you guys! New maps! surf_andromeda surf_delight_go surf_progress surf_progress_go surf_summit Bed time zzzzz
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    Server Update - 4-27 / Map Pack #2

    New maps have been added! Several had to be manually zoned by me so let me know if there are any issues! surf_ameliorate surf_aser surf_atrium surf_benevolent surf_escape_final surf_frost surf_klue surf_satellite_fix surf_summer surf_zor
  13. Callister

    Callister's Introduction

    Whats your name? - I'm Callister aka Calli How old are you? - 16 years old How long have you been playing CSGO? - I've been playing CS:GO for 3 years How did you find out about our community? - I was referred to this community by my buddy Raii^n What are some of your interests? - Some of my...
  14. B

    Benowy introduction

    Whats your name? - Benow How old are you? - 21 How long have you been playing CSGO? - 1 year and a half give or take How did you find out about our community? - Been here since the opening day :D What are some of your interests? surfing for one - ^^ chilling helping people get better at surf...
  15. JiggleTwit

    Map suggestions

    surf_dragon T2 surf_tempest T3 surf_tempest2 T3 surf_rainbow T2 surf_sunnyhappylove T2 surf_sundown T2 surf_coralis T3 surf_island T3 surf_Ny_platinum_b5 T2 surf_classics T2 surf_classics3 T2 surf_happylands T2 - couldn't find surf_heaven_njv T2 - This is T3. surf_The_gloaming_v2 T1 -...
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    Explanation for no updates in past month

    For those of you that don't know I was in the hospital for the past 2,5 weeks. I had Appendicitis. I came home last Thursday but I am still recovering. I won't be 100% for another few weeks. But I can get back into server work! I am going to make another post for this but We now have a new...