1. .echo

    Server Update 6-21

    Added some things to the Arena server in preparation for this weekend's competition! Added a new challenge plugin to the Arena Server. !chal or !challenge in chat and select a player to put in an arena with them the next round! Added a new Leaderboard/stats page for the Arena Server: Click...
  2. .echo

    1v1 Arena Competition: $75+ in prizes and more!

    1v1 Arena Competition: The competition will begin on Friday, June 21 at 8:00PM CST and end on Sunday June 23 at 10:00PM CST. I will pull winners at the end of the weekend. Account Requirements: No brand new accounts, no private profiles between start and end dates of the competition! Steam...
  3. .echo

    Server Update 5-6 / Knife&Gun Drop

    Maps Fixes: All linear maps have checkpoints now! surf_andromeda - Removed glitched times and patched the teleport at the start Server Cvar changes : Enabled knife and gun drop using your standard drop weapon keybind Fixed bug where public triggers (Ex. !r) were printed to chat.
  4. .echo

    Discord Button in Navbar 404's

    This has been broken for a while. Discord Button in Navbar 404's. I am working on fixing this. May take some time.
  5. Callister

    Callister's Introduction

    Whats your name? - I'm Callister aka Calli How old are you? - 16 years old How long have you been playing CSGO? - I've been playing CS:GO for 3 years How did you find out about our community? - I was referred to this community by my buddy Raii^n What are some of your interests? - Some of my...
  6. B

    Benowy introduction

    Whats your name? - Benow How old are you? - 21 How long have you been playing CSGO? - 1 year and a half give or take How did you find out about our community? - Been here since the opening day :D What are some of your interests? surfing for one - ^^ chilling helping people get better at surf...