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Staff Changes of the Month (Jan-March)

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Staff Changes of the Month (Jan-March)
I wanted to do this at the start of the month but my surprise hospital visit derailed my plans. But I'd like to make a post welcoming Our new Staff as well as saying goodbye to any staff leaving us.

With that out of the way, here are the changes for Jan-March.

New Staff:
Benowy - Jan 26/Surf Admin
drc - Feb 3rd/Surf Mod
Awizz - Mar...

New Arena Server/Surf Server IP!

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We have a new server! Arena Server! We need people playing on it so it gets traction so come hang out!

Arena Server:

Also the Surf Server has been moved to Chicago! There is a new IP. Therefore you must readd it to your favorites!

New Surf

Explanation for no updates in past month

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For those of you that don't know I was in the hospital for the past 2,5 weeks. I had Appendicitis. I came home last Thursday but I am still recovering. I won't be 100% for another few weeks. But I can get back into server work!

I am going to make another post for this but We now have a new Server! Arena. Make public yesterday. Also for those of you that were waiting for more maps for the Surf server, I added 10 new maps to the server yesterday.

Thank you to my admins: Sukaira...

Server Update 2-6-19 (Map Edition)

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Update from last Wednesday. Here is the changelog:

New Maps:
  • surf_advanced
  • surf_beginner_hell
  • surf_benevolent
  • surf_cyberwave
  • surf_faint_fix
  • surf_frost surf_fruits
  • surf_guitar_hi
  • surf_lore_e
  • surf_vegetables
Other Fixes:
  • Exploited time on surf_utopia_night has been removed.
  • Also some other fixes to the server was done

Server Update 2/3/19

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  • !commands - Spent all night on this plugin for our server. It's a Commands listing plugin! Just type !commands in chat and get a listing of Commands. You can then press any option in the menu and it will run the assigned command! This works for players and Admins
Note: Mods/Admins: The Admin's section of this new menu is currently not obeying SourceMod's Admin flag system. Therefore that section of...

Introducing New Stats Page!

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I am proud to introduce our new Player Stats page! This stats page will keep track of your play time in 2 seperate categories: actual playtime and spec time!

You can see the page by clicking Stats at the top of this page. I will soon introduce a way for you to see these stats in game. but for now this will do!

Site Update 1/28/2019

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  • Added Discord Integration!
    • A Discord Bot has been added!
    • Syncs usernames, roles and permissions accross site/discord server.
    • Syncs bans across Site/Discord
    • New threads/posts will get posted in respective Discord Channels.

Server Update 1/27

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Major Changes:
  • Replaced entire Map Vote/Nomination System
    • Maps are now organized by Tier
    • Nominations menu now only shows Server Maps instead of ALL Map in existance (lol!)
  • Removed surf_island and a few other maps that crashed server until I have to to fix/zone them.

Server Update 1-25

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  • Fixed disappearing knife bug on Mesa_Revo_Go
  • Removed Nominations plugin until bugs are worked out.

Site Update 1/24/19

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Major Changes:
  • Registration now open!
  • Setup mail server for registration emails.
  • Added Servers Page!
  • Dark Themed Bans page
Plugin Changes:
  • Added Steam Integration!
  • Fixed DNS redirection