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Site Upgraded to 2.1.1 + New Features!

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Lots of new stuff added to the site tonight! Major upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1+.
  • Shoutbox- A chatbox at the top of the forum where you guys can ask quick questions and chat (Is the server down etc).
  • Newsleter - You guys will get an email on the most popular and important threads every week You can unsubscribve at any time from within the email.
  • ThreadRead - Anybody can now see how many views a thread has and who has viewed them. This goes for all threads. It is shown at the bottom of the OP of every thread
  • SteamIntegration - Upgraded to fix errors
  • DiscordIntegration - Upgraded to fix errors
  • Site theme - Updated to the latest version fixing all template errors.

Server Update 4-16 - 102 Tick, Timer Reset & More!

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Here are the changes for the last couple of days:

Easy Surf Server:
  • Went back to 102 tick. This a permanent change.
  • Timer was reset. All times deleted.
  • Removed surf_beginner_hell - Map is just too hard for an Easy Surf server and players leave when this map is voted. If and when I setup an Advanced server this map will be there.
  • All tier 3 maps have been removed! - If and when I setup an Advanced server Tier 3-6 maps will be there.
Plugins Changes:
  • !extend <minutes>- You can now extend a map manually. Just put how many minutes you want after the command. You can also subtract time ( E.x. !extend -10) -...

Steam/Discord Logins Fixed!

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If you were having issues logging into the site using steam or discord the issue has now been fixed! If you have been logging into the site using your email you can now link your Steam and Discord accounts for on-click login>

1. Login to the site using your email and password.
2. Go to Your profile in the top right.
3. Click Account Details.
4. Click Connected Details
5. Click on Discord and Steam and login to link!

Big Server Changes! 4-12

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I am going to clean this up later. But for now this is everything that has changed in the last few days. And BOY is it a lot!

Reverted Timer back to ckSurf! I also implemented a PROPER Ranking system! Yes finally! Explanation coming in another post! (See Server Updates Forum!)
  • Add an anti-mic spam plugin to the server. Likely going to configure it to a sensitivity of ~5 seconds. Will warn then mute or kick. (Needs serious testing for false-positives).
  • Add a Mute vote plugin to allow players to mute others. (maybe kick? but..... potential abuse?).
  • Add an AntiMicSpam plugin to prevent server lag and cut off screamers/music spam.
  • Set strafe prespeed to 410. 260 without weapon (none-prestrafe speed).
  • Set these values on the server:
    • sv_friction 4.
    • sv_stopspeed 100.
    • sv_accelerate 5.
  • Set cmd/update rates and ticx rate to 85.3 for better client/server performance(Needs testing)...

Staff Changes of the Month (Jan-March)

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Staff Changes of the Month (Jan-March)
I wanted to do this at the start of the month but my surprise hospital visit derailed my plans. But I'd like to make a post welcoming Our new Staff as well as saying goodbye to any staff leaving us.

With that out of the way, here are the changes for Jan-March.

New Staff:
Benowy - Jan 26/Surf Admin
drc - Feb 3rd/Surf Mod
Awizz - Mar 3rd/Surf Mod
Pastta Mous - Mar 3rd/Surf Mod
Halix - Mar 6th/Surf Mod

Sage - Feb 3rd - Mar 16th/Surf Mod. - Thank you for serving our community Sage.

Also all retired staff (with good standing) will continue to have a reseved slot access for the server.

Thank you to the new guys for helping keep the Surf Server fun and toxic free.

I am looking for Mods for the Arena Server. If you are interested, complete an Admin/Mod...

New Arena Server/Surf Server IP!

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We have a new server! Arena Server! We need people playing on it so it gets traction so come hang out!

Arena Server:

Also the Surf Server has been moved to Chicago! There is a new IP. Therefore you must readd it to your favorites!

New Surf

Explanation for no updates in past month

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For those of you that don't know I was in the hospital for the past 2,5 weeks. I had Appendicitis. I came home last Thursday but I am still recovering. I won't be 100% for another few weeks. But I can get back into server work!

I am going to make another post for this but We now have a new Server! Arena. Make public yesterday. Also for those of you that were waiting for more maps for the Surf server, I added 10 new maps to the server yesterday.

Thank you to my admins: Sukaira, Benow for zoning the new maps yesterday for me.

Server Update 2-6-19 (Map Edition)

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Update from last Wednesday. Here is the changelog:

New Maps:
  • surf_advanced
  • surf_beginner_hell
  • surf_benevolent
  • surf_cyberwave
  • surf_faint_fix
  • surf_frost surf_fruits
  • surf_guitar_hi
  • surf_lore_e
  • surf_vegetables
Other Fixes:
  • Exploited time on surf_utopia_night has been removed.
  • Also some other fixes to the server was done

Server Update 2/3/19

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  • !commands - Spent all night on this plugin for our server. It's a Commands listing plugin! Just type !commands in chat and get a listing of Commands. You can then press any option in the menu and it will run the assigned command! This works for players and Admins
Note: Mods/Admins: The Admin's section of this new menu is currently not obeying SourceMod's Admin flag system. Therefore that section of the menu does not work. WIll fix shortly!

Introducing New Stats Page!

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I am proud to introduce our new Player Stats page! This stats page will keep track of your play time in 2 seperate categories: actual playtime and spec time!

You can see the page by clicking Stats at the top of this page. I will soon introduce a way for you to see these stats in game. but for now this will do!