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Server Update 5-4

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Maps Fixes:
Added checkpoints to the following maps:

  • surf_andromeda - All checkpoint times have been reset to reflect the new checkpoints
  • surf_summit
  • surf_satellite_fix
  • surf_amplitude_light

    Thank you to callister and gil for creating these zones for me!

New Server: 1v1 Arena!

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New Server: 1v1 Arena!

There is an new server online for everyone to play on! This has been highly requested by many people for a while now!. This make server number 2 for our community with more to come!

Wh1t3Rose 1v1 Arena:

You can join the server from the "SERVERS" tab at top...

Site/Server Update 4-29

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Just a small bug fix update for you guys. Spent most of my time setting up the new Surf T3-T6 Server today. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed an issue with URL redirection that broke Discord sign-in into the forum.
  • Fixed Tier on surf_andromedia so players would receive points.

New Surf Server Coming Soon! Tier 3-6! 102Tick! Maps Galore!

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Hey guys I am currently working on a new surf server! It will have ~250 maps! Obviously this is gonna take some time! But I hope to have it done by next Sunday! Stay tuned!

Also all ranks will sync across our 2 Surf Servers so no matter which server you play on your points go to your current rank! Obviously the harder tiers give more points thus have a greater effect on your rank!

For a total rank break down see my 2nd post...

Server Update - 4-27 / Map Pack #3

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Earlly morning update for you guys! New maps!

  1. surf_andromeda
  2. surf_delight_go
  3. surf_progress
  4. surf_progress_go
  5. surf_summit

    Bed time zzzzz

Server Update - 4-27 / Map Pack #2

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New maps have been added! Several had to be manually zoned by me so let me know if there are any issues!

  1. surf_ameliorate
  2. surf_aser
  3. surf_atrium
  4. surf_benevolent
  5. surf_escape_final
  6. [COLOR=rgb(84, 172...

Staff Changes & New things!

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Staff Changes
Here are some quick changes that have happened this past week.

Benowy was promoted to Head-Admin.

Merlin has now retired.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 168...

Store is now Live!

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Wh1t3Rose Community Store is now Live!

Store is now Live! Click Donate at the top of the page

Perks for donating:

1. Reserved Slot Access to all of our servers, get in the server even when...

Server/Site Update 4-25

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I am combining the Server and Site changelogs in this one since there are so few changes (tho they are important ones!)

Server Changes:
  • Knife/ws save bug has finallly been fixed!=
  • Updated knife plugin to add Prisma Case skins
Website Changes
  • Assigned Group Badges/Titles to Staff as appropriate!
  • Implemented...

Server Lag Explanation - Resolved!

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Servers are now online!

Hey guys just writing this up dirty real quick. The Surf Server has been seeing some major lag and packet loss today, Our host has been experience an attack at our Chicago locaton affectiing our servers.

Thank you for being patient with me as this is completely out of my control and I am at the mercy of my host fixing these issues. I will post an update ASAP...