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Staff Changes & New things!

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Staff Changes
Here are some quick changes that have happened this past week.

Benowy was promoted to Head-Admin.

Merlin has now retired.

Sage has now retired.

New Things
A new website is being developed by our team, to improve functions for admins and to have better navigation for the store and ban appeals.

The new and improved store is out now!!! If you enjoy our community and want to show it off, think about purchasing one of our packages.

Introductions are coming in, so if you want to know...

Store is now Live!

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Wh1t3Rose Community Store is now Live!

Store is now Live! Click Donate at the top of the page

Perks for donating:

1. Reserved Slot Access to all of our servers, get in the server even when it's full!
2. Custom Donater/Supporter Tag!
3. Custom Title/Chat Colors!
4. Custom Timer interface per player! (ask me about this!)
5. Access to vote mute, gag, and map extend
6. Excliusive Access to Donator/Support Section in...

Server Lag Explanation - Resolved!

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Servers are now online!

Hey guys just writing this up dirty real quick. The Surf Server has been seeing some major lag and packet loss today, Our host has been experience an attack at our Chicago locaton affectiing our servers.

Thank you for being patient with me as this is completely out of my control and I am at the mercy of my host fixing these issues. I will post an update ASAP.

Here is their new announcement:

"We are observing particularly frequent and large attacks today at most locations, including Chicago. When an attack is occurring that saturates one of our upstream links, our system instantly null-routes the target to minimize damage, but a small burst of packet loss is seen by a segment of clients (those whose inbound traffic came over a saturated upstream link).

The primary source of these attacks continues to be Amazon, as they still do not have...

Staff Roster Restructuring!

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Staff Roster Restructuring!
I have decided to completely restructure the staff roster.

Community Manager: Froz3nFlake (Promoted from Head-Admin).

All Server Mods have been promoted to Admins. All admins have the ability to Server Mute, Server Gag, Kick and Ban.

Server Mod role has been eliminated.

We will now require all new admins start as a trial admin. This is a new decision that will improve the quality of our admins and prevent future terminations in the future, All trial admins have the same access as normal admins except for the "ban" permision.

How to Link Your Steam & Discord Accounts

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Prior to registration:
Click one of these (Discord Prefered):

And that's it!

After registering:
Hover over your username (top right)
Press External Acounts
Choose Associate Steam Account, follow the next steps and you're good to go!

Server/Site Update 4-25

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I am combining the Server and Site changelogs in this one since there are so few changes (tho they are important ones!)

Server Changes:
  • Knife/ws save bug has finallly been fixed!=
  • Updated knife plugin to add Prisma Case skins
Website Changes
  • Assigned Group Badges/Titles to Staff as appropriate!
  • Implemented Database Auto-Backup plugin/scripts

Staff Changes of the Month (April)

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Staff Changes of the Month (April)

New Staff update thread! This makes our 2nd one! If you missed our first one you can view it here!

There are a lot of changes for this month so buckle in!

New Staff:
Raii^n - Admin (4/2)
Callister - Admin (4/19)
Mrs.KoalaBear - Admin (4/19)

pastta_mous - Admin (4/18). - Thank you for serving our community pastta_mous!

Also all retired staff (with good standing) will continue to have a reserved slot access for the server.

Thank you to the new admins for...

Server Update - 4-21 (Map Edition!)

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This was technically done yesterday but whatever... There were a few minor changes made to the server but for the most part this is just a Map update.

  • surf_classics
  • surf_glass9
  • surf_lavaflow
  • surf_classics3
  • surf_coralis_ksf
  • surf_derpis_ksf
  • surf_glass9
  • surf_graphia
  • surf_grassland
  • surf_lavaflow
  • surf_ny_platinum
  • surf_rainbow
  • surf_sunnyhappylove
Note: If you notice any issues with these maps be sure to post in the Bugs, Issues, and Suggestions section of the forum!

What Do You Guys Want to Be Called? (Rebrand)

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I need to some suggestions for names guys! What do you as a community think we should be called? I am partial to Fractured Servers. Server names can be "Fractured Easy Surf". Fractured Arena". Fractured Bhop" etc etc.

Change the logo to a server icon with a crack going through it. Change my name back to Fracture (One of my Aliases)

Post you suggestions and thoughts below! I will post a poll once we have enough responses (a week or so) with the most upvoted responses.

So it is important you "like" the suggestions you want to see it the Poll!

Server Update 4-17 - Max Velocity & QOL Fixes!

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More fixes for you guys! I feel like the server is coming along nicely now! More maps will be added soon I promise!
Easy Surf Server:

Map Fixes:
Raised Prespeed to 400 for all maps! This required a manual override in the database.
  • Fixed surf_aircontrol not giving points on map completion.
  • Fixed surf_aircontrol max_velocity. Set to 7500.
  • Fixed surf_mesa_revo not giving points on map completion.
Plugins Changes:
  • Removed !extend plugin as it was easily exploitable. Will find a replacement. May become a VIP feature.