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New Revamped Timer! - Percentage ranks, New Bot Code, & More!

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New Revamped Timer!
Percentage ranks, New Bot Code, & More!

New Features:
  • Optimized Bot code. No more broken Bots!
  • Ranking system revamped! Percentage based ranks! See here for info!
  • Each stage has time records. If you telehop between stages you...

Server Update 7-4 (Map Pack #8)

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Happy 4th of July guys! I have added more maps for you all. Here's what added:

New Maps:
  1. surf_4head_csgo
  2. surf_cancer
  3. surf_crzyfrog_reloaded_echo
  4. surf_duggywuggy
  5. surf_egypt2
  6. surf_elites_v2_fix
  7. surf_garden_go
  8. surf_gleam
  9. surf_juturna
  10. surf_lament_n2p
  11. surf_zealand
Total Maps Easy Surf: 112
Total Maps Advanced Surf...

Server Store Now Live!: Chat Colors, Trails, Auras and more!

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Our Server Store is now live!

You get access to Chat tags, Name Colors, Trails, Auras, Pets, and more! Here is a breakdown of the store for you!

Active Players generate 1 credit for each minute playing. Don't think you can sit idle. You won't generate credits if you are idle :p.

This means that after playing just one round you everyone should be able to buy...

Server Update 6-24: Calladmin feature

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Just couple things tonight. But very useful regardless!
  • Add CallAdmin to all Servers. /calladmin in chat and pick a player and a reason. You can also type a custom reason in chat.
  • Auto PermaBans for alt accounts that were previously banned on our servers.

Server Update 6-24 (75+ Exploited Records Removal!)

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This update consists mostly of time removals. Sunday I discovered about 75 or so exploited times from 2 specific players. Majority were map record times as well. The 2 players exploiting the timer. have been perma banned. I am currently investigating the exploit and working on a patch. Most of these times were set on the Advanced Surf but some were on the Easy Surf as well.

I also had to roll back the replay bots for each exploited time.

This took me 3 hours on Sunday and caused a huge...

Server Update 6-23

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Just a couple of back-end stuff for this update.
  • All Servers reboot automatically at 0500 every day. There is a warning sent to all players 5 minutes and 1 minute before reboot occurs.
  • Some Server/Db optimizations.

Server Update 6-21

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Added some things to the Arena server in preparation for this weekend's competition!

  • Added a new challenge plugin to the Arena Server.
    • !chal or !challenge in chat and select a player to put in an arena with them the next round!
  • Added a new Leaderboard/stats page for the Arena Server: Click here! You can also click Stats at the top.


1v1 Arena Competition: $75+ in prizes and more!

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1v1 Arena Competition:
The competition will begin on Friday, June 21 at 8:00PM CST and end on Sunday June 23 at 10:00PM CST. I will pull winners at the end of the weekend.

Account Requirements:
No brand...

Server Update 6-9 (Minor Patch)

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Just a couple small map fixes for you guys.

surf_olympics rezoned properly
Fixed end zone for surf_palm

Server Update 6-7 (Map Pack #6)

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Another late night / eary morning update for you guys! Maps have been added to the appropriate servers based on Tier.

New Maps: (Thank you @Raii^n for zoning tonight's maps)

  1. surf_rooftopsv2 (T1 8S 0B)
  2. surf_life_of_duck (T1 5S 0B)
  3. surf_reytx (T1 7S...